Wedding FAQ

Q: Why do I need a professional wedding DJ for my wedding?
A: A professional wedding DJ is important to have on your wedding day because he will come through with professional sound and DJ equipment, be timely, play the right music you have requested, take requests and work closely with your MC. Your DJ will have lots of experience in making weddings a success and will reduce the stress on your very special day. You want yourself, your new spouse and your guests to have a great time and that’s why you need someone that has your best interests at heart.

Q: Do you offer different wedding DJ packages and prices?
A: Yes we do. Please visit our packages and prices page to get more info on what we have to offer.

Q: Are your Wedding DJ packages customisable?
A: Yes. Simply let us know what you would like to change or add and we will be glad to assist.

Q: What is a pre-wedding meeting?
A: A pre-wedding meeting is a get together with the couple and the DJ. We will go through all your specific requirements for the day as well as music selections. This is important as we can cover a lot within the meeting. If you are unable to make the meeting then you can request a Skype or telephonic meeting as well.

Q: When is the best time to have a pre-wedding meeting?
A: Usually 1 month before your wedding day. However you are welcome to have it sooner.

Q: I would like to rent extra’s in addition to my wedding DJ package?
A: We offer a number of extra’s for you to choose from. Contact us for more info.

Q: Our wedding is out of Gauteng, can you still assist?
A: Absolutely. We usually travel out of the province. Let us know where you would like to have your wedding and we will give you feedback on travelling costs.

Q: My wedding is set outdoors, what will happen should it rain?
A: We can move equipment to your venue’s indoors arrangement. Our equipment is however not waterproof so it is affected by weather conditions.

Q: What dress code will my DJ wear on the day?
A: Our DJ’s wear formal shirt, black pants and black shoes.

Q: Will my DJ require a mean?
A: A meal is not mandatory. However it will be much appreciated.

Q: Does the DJ need to be seated?
A: Our DJ’s usually stay seated at the DJ table to ensure that they are always available.

Q: I have made a booking and would like to change the date?
A: Let us know and we will check for availability on the requested dates.

Q: I have cancelled my function, can I get a deposit refund?
A: Due to the nature of our business once we take your booking we reject all other bookings for that day. The day will be reserved to you as we do not double book dates. Should you cancel your booking then your deposit is non-refundable. If you have paid the full amount on your quote then we will refund you 50% of your payment.

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